Why should you choose Christway Counseling Center? How are we different from other counselors? We’ve listed a few items that set us apart on the Core Advantages page. But—better yet—read the testimonials from a few of the 3000 people we’ve had the privilege of helping.


Core Advantages



“We have been happily married now for nine and a half years and I love my husband more than my words could ever express . . . .”

“The results of this session were not fleeting; it is months after our counseling session with Karl and our marriage remains transformed. . . .”

“God has not just revived our marriage; He has truly revolutionized it! We are more intimate in every aspect of our lives—spiritually, emotionally, and physically. . . .”

God has truly touched our hearts through His grace and power and through Karl’s concentrated counseling. I am so blessed that the love of my life stuck it out with me through difficult times. . . .”

“From the very first session, God used Karl to show me my fault in my marriage. I knew I had an anger and control problem, but I didn’t realize how learning God’s principles for living could help me overcome those problems. . . . In a matter of weeks, my wife started to come to counseling with me and we began to work together to repair our marriage. . . .”

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Tony & Kayla

Tony and I met and began dating and got engaged and were married within one year. So we went from this emotional high of dating to the realities of marriage and realizing just how different we were in almost every area of our life. We just really struggled with how to deal with conflict. A lot of things, we just felt like we had to keep in a closet—our struggles and the difficulties that we had. And after years and years and years of this, and hurt building upon hurt and compounding and compounding, we got to a place where we were ready to throw in the towel. . . .

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Tony & Kayla

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