To glorify God by helping couples enjoy Christ’s Way to relational closeness with God and others in marriage, family, and the church.


Love, joy, peace and harmony in your marriage is truly possible—God wants it for you more than you ever could. We can help you achieve just that. By developing Biblical relational skills, you can:

  • Eliminate destructive emotions like hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, stress and depression that destroy relational closeness.
  • Experience the joy of a close, fulfilling, satisfying, loving and respectful relationship with God and your partner.
  • Enrich your family so children experience a stable home that prepares them for a successful life.

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Star & Hans

(by Star)

Hans and I had been married for about two years and we were not experiencing a good marriage. I felt none of that “in love” feeling that we as women desire to feel. Hans and I fought all of the time and I felt that none of my needs were being met. In the beginning I pleaded with Hans to go to counseling with me, but he refused. We tried time and time again to repair the marriage on our own but it always ended up much worse. In the end there was verbal abuse, physical abuse, and an affair. I felt there would never be love in our home again and I ended up leaving the marriage. . . .

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Star & Hans