To glorify God by helping couples enjoy Christ’s Way to relational closeness with God and others in marriage, family, and the church.


Love, joy, peace and harmony in your marriage is truly possible—God wants it for you more than you ever could. We can help you achieve just that. By developing Biblical relational skills, you can:

  • Eliminate destructive emotions like hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, stress and depression that destroy relational closeness.
  • Experience the joy of a close, fulfilling, satisfying, loving and respectful relationship with God and your partner.
  • Enrich your family so children experience a stable home that prepares them for a successful life.

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Star & Hans

(by Hans)

Marriage takes continual work! When Star and I first met we were “In Love”—at least we thought we were. Very quickly after we got married and after the “Honeymoon Stage” of marriage Star and I started to have some problems. Star and I both had church backgrounds but were struggling with actually living out what we knew was right. We went to Church on Sunday, but usually with a hangover! Needless to say, we were straddling the fence. God didn’t let us stay in that condition. He allowed our marriage to get worse and worse. I had a control and an anger problem. Not a good combination!! When things got out of control, I became angry and abused Star verbally and sometimes even physically. . . .

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Star & Hans