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Our Staff

Key marriage counseling personnel include Karl Elkins.

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Mission Statement

To glorify God by helping couples enjoy Christ’s Way to relational closeness with God and others in marriage, family, and the church.

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Statement of Faith

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Real Results
from Real Couples

“We have been happily married now for nine and a half years and I love my husband more than my words could ever express . . . .”

“The results of this session were not fleeting; it is months after our counseling session with Karl and our marriage remains transformed. . . .”

“God has not just revived our marriage; He has truly revolutionized it! We are more intimate in every aspect of our lives—spiritually, emotionally, and physically. . . .”

I’m telling you that this is the conference you that need to go to. This is the time—this is your time—and this is the time where God wants to bring restoration to your marriage and set you on a path forward to a healthy, healthy marriage. . . .”

We are no longer getting a divorce on November 13, and we have been spending much more time together as a family. This program has changed our life. We want to become better spouses, parents, friends, and better people because of it. This program and education, knowledge, and tools is what many churches are missing. . . .”

God has truly touched our hearts through His grace and power and through Karl’s concentrated counseling. I am so blessed that the love of my life stuck it out with me through difficult times. . . .”

“From the very first session, God used Karl to show me my fault in my marriage. I knew I had an anger and control problem, but I didn’t realize how learning God’s principles for living could help me overcome those problems. . . . In a matter of weeks, my wife started to come to counseling with me and we began to work together to repair our marriage. . . .”

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