Star & Hans

(by Hans)

Marriage takes continual work! When Star and I first met we were “In Love”—at least we thought we were. Very quickly after we got married and after the “Honeymoon Stage” of marriage Star and I started to have some problems. Star and I both had church backgrounds but were struggling with actually living out what we knew was right. We went to Church on Sunday, but usually with a hangover! Needless to say, we were straddling the fence. God didn’t let us stay in that condition. He allowed our marriage to get worse and worse. I had a control and an anger problem. Not a good combination!! When things got out of control, I became angry and abused Star verbally and sometimes even physically. . . .

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Star & Hans

Individual CounselingWe offer Individual Counseling to couples desiring any of the following:

Individual marriage counseling is completely private: you, your partner and the counselor only.




Individual counseling can be scheduled from Monday through Friday, between 12 noon and 6:00pm. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


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$175/hour session
Some health insurance plans may cover individual counseling (more insurance information).


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Key Differences

Still trying to decide which marital counseling solution is best for you? Check out our comparision chart below.
(Both Three-Day solutions include similar instructional material and topics, but in different formats.)

Accelerated Marriage
Counseling (AMC)™
Marriage Clinic™
Teaching and sessions Private (you, spouse, counselor) Group Private (you, spouse, counselor)
Discussion Private (you, spouse, counselor) Private (you and spouse only) Private (you, spouse, counselor)
Experiential counseling,
activities, resolution of issues    
Private (you, spouse, counselor) Private (you and spouse only) Private (you, spouse, counselor)
Meeting location Christway offices Church or hotel conference room Christway offices
Hours 18 18 Multiple one-hour appointments
Days 3 (flexible) 3 (usually Friday to Sunday)
Insurance coverage More likely Less likely More likely
Cost $3150/couple $199/person ($398/couple) $175/hour