Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™ includes all of the topics, instruction, and counseling projects in the Three-Day Marriage Clinic™, but is completely private: you, your partner and the counselor (Karl Elkins) only. No group sessions are included.

The Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™ teaches the 25 Essential Marriage Skills privately, and offers all of the same benefits and advantages of the Three-Day Marriage Clinic™, but with the following differences:

  • Completely private: no group sessions
  • All counseling activities and hurts resolution is done with counselor, not alone (only three people in the room: husband, wife, and counselor)
  • Meets in the Christway Counseling Center offices, not hotel conference room
  • Meets 18 hours (on average, assuming good attendance and participation).
  • Meets over the course of three days (six hours a day), allowing more time for couples to work on projects together
  • More likely to be covered by insurance
  • Cost is $3150 ($175/hour session x 18 hours)

For a complete description, key benefits, and a list of instruction topics, please reference the Three-Day Marriage Clinic™ page.


Key Differences

Still trying to decide which is best for you—Three-Day Marriage Clinic™ or Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™? Perhaps the comparision chart below will help.

Marriage Clinic
Accelerated Marriage
Counseling (AMC)™
Teaching and sessions Group Private (you, spouse, counselor)
Discussion Private (you and spouse only) Private (you, spouse, counselor)
Experiential counseling
activities and resolution of issues    
Private (you and spouse only) Private (you, spouse, counselor)
Meeting location Hotel conference room Christway offices
Hours 18 18
Days 3 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 3 (flexible)
Insurance coverage Less likely More likely
Cost $199/person ($398/couple) $3150/couple

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Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™ is generally held over three consecutive days (with some flexibility) from 12:00 noon to 6:00pm. Please contact us for a list of available dates.


Christway Counseling Center
10575 Katy Freeway, Suite 315
Houston, TX 77024-1012
(832) 358-0900
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$3150/couple ($175/hour session x 18 hours)
Some health insurance plans may cover individual counseling (more insurance information).


How Do I Get Started?

Do you have questions about Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™? View our FAQ page for a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. Or just contact us by phone or e-mail.

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