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Marriage Tip 12: Give and Receive Respect
The need for respect is met by valuing, honoring, and regarding others highly. Treat them as someone important, honor them, and convey their great worth. Rom. 12:10 “give preference to one another in honor.” 2 Pet. 2:17 “honor all people.”
Jesus ignored the social prejudices of His society by showing respect to tax collectors, Samaritans, the poor, lepers, and women. He treated all people as having infinite value, regardless of their status.
Appreciate God’s respect for you. He considered us of such great worth and value that He sacrificed His only Son that we might be redeemed. He respects our individuality by not forcing Himself upon us, but by allowing us to decide whether or not we will respond to and obey Him.
Realize how valuable your partner is to the Father. As God the Son, Jesus could look down on mankind with judgment and contempt—but He doesn’t. He knows how valuable we are to the Father. God is loving on your mate, but He doesn’t want to do it alone: He wants to use you in the process. God has entrusted you with someone very special to Him: your mate. You should be the primary human that meets his or her needs, removes aloneness, and conveys God’s respect and care.

Practical ways to show respect. Ask before you borrow things. Check with your partner before making decisions that affect them (vacations, commitments, purchases, holiday plans, house guests, recreational outings, social plans, scheduling). Replenish gas when borrowing the car. Let your partner have the remote control, pick the movie, and choose restaurants.
Have a respectful tone. Most partners agree that “it’s not what you say but how you say it.” Develop the ability to avoid words, actions, and attitudes that could result in undesirable consequences.
Respect personhood and position even if you cannot respect character.
Sometimes you cannot and should not respect your partner’s character (e.g., lying, laziness, anger, drunkenness, dishonesty). You can, however, always respect their intrinsic value since they are made in God’s image (Gen. 1:26). Wives can respect the God-given role of headship over the family (Eph. 5:23) even if their husbands lack essential Christ-like qualities in how they lead.
How have you given and received respect?
Two-Day Marriage Clinic™
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A two-day clinic to learn and experience the 25 Core Relational Life Skills.
 • The top reason marriages struggle and fail
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 • How to heal and recover from past hurts
 • Top twelve needs of men and women
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 • Learn essential lifestyle disciplines
 • How to communicate needs, desires and hurts without provoking anger
Resolve the issues that you could not resolve on your own in the Two-Day Marriage Clinic with a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).
The 25 Core Relational Life Skills are taught in a group, but there is no group discussion. All experiential activities are done privately with your partner.
Two-Day Marriage Clinics are held on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30am to 6:30pm on Thursday, and 8:30am to 6:30pm on Friday.
 • May 6-7 early reg ends Apr. 21
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