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 • Marriage Skill 29: Interpersonal Needs—Met or Unmet
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 • Three-Day AMC™ and New Office Location
Marriage Skill 29: Interpersonal Needs—Met or Unmet
What is the result of our interpersonal needs being met or unmet? The outcomes can be very different for each person. When attention is not met, some might become boisterous and extroverted, as they demand attention. Others may withdraw and become reclusive to avoid further pain.
When need is met—good sense of identity, confident, feelings of importance, secure, willing to be a servant, attentive to others’ needs.
When need is not met—promiscuous, boisterous, feeling worthless, delinquency, shy and withdrawn, concentration on appearance and pleasing others.
When need is met—secure, confident, feelings of worth, relaxed, peaceful.
When need is not met—rejected, angry, hopeless feelings, “why bother, nothing I do is ever enough.”
When need is met—positive and optimistic, good work ethic, grateful, encouraging others.
When need is not met—easily discouraged and pessimistic, performance-oriented, insecure, self-doubt.
When need is met—encouraged, grateful, feeling loved, sensitive to opportunities to give in return.
When need is not met—discouraged, weariness, fear of failure, timidity.
When need is met—can do attitude, positive and optimistic, creative, productive.
When need is not met—lack of confidence, failure complex, defeatist attitude, pessimistic, frustrated, withdrawn, frustrated.
When need is met—secure, free to give, feelings of being loved and comforted, healthy boundaries with the opposite sex.
When need is not met—aloof and distant, uncomfortable being physically close to people, cold and unfeeling, promiscuous, flirting, clinging to others of the opposite.
When need is met—productive, confident, good sense of identity.
When need is not met—search for approval, performance-oriented, workaholic, lack confidence, insecure, confused, fearful.
When need is met—full of faith, confident, giving, grateful, positive, adaptable, flexible.
When need is not met—fearful, insecure, controlling, possessive, anxious, worrier, negative, rigid, self-reliant.
When need is met—caring, compassionate, positive, giving, sensitive, self-confident, loving.
When need is not met—unable to comfort others, feelings of being alone and empty, volatile, promiscuous, avoidance of emotions, emphasis on fixing situations and people, obsessive-compulsive orientation.
When need is met—respectful of others, freedom to grow up, giving, sensitive, loving, positively assertive.
When need is not met—feelings of worthlessness and inferiority, insecure, demanding, intolerant, victim mindset.
Two-Day Marriage Clinic™
Schedule/Register Now
Two-Day Marriage Clinicâ„¢Early registration for our next clinic (February) ends tomorrow, January 18 at 4:30pm. Save $60 a couple by registering now!

A two-day clinic to learn and experience the 25 Core Relational Life Skills.
 • The top reason marriages struggle and fail
 • One concept that stops all arguing
 • Why love is more than meeting a need
 • How to heal and recover from past hurts
 • Top twelve needs of men and women
 • How to recover from infidelity
 • Learn essential lifestyle disciplines
 • How to communicate needs, desires and hurts without provoking anger
Resolve the issues that you could not resolve on your own in the Two-Day Marriage Clinic with a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).
The 25 Core Relational Life Skills are taught in a group, but there is no group discussion. All experiential activities are done privately with your partner.
Two-Day Marriage Clinics are held on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30am to 6:30pm on Thursday, and 8:30am to 6:30pm on Friday.
 • Feb. 2-3 early reg ends Jan. 18
 • Mar. 1-2 early reg ends Feb. 15
 • Apr. 5-6 early reg ends Mar. 21
 • May 3-4 early reg ends Apr. 18
 • Jun. 7-8 early reg ends May 23
 • More Dates
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Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)™
Three-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)â„¢Completely private: you, your partner and the counselor only.
Includes all of the topics, instruction, and counseling projects in the Two-Day Marriage Clinic™, but is completely private.
No group sessions are included.
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